Accident Medical Program Description

The Accident Medical Program provides coverage for all day youth students attending Child Care, Pre-school, Kindergarten or Before and After School programs. Coverage is available to both public and private institutions. Participants are covered for Injuries incurred during the hours and days when the Program is in session and while attending or participating in Program sponsored and supervised activities on or off premises, including group field trips.

These Accident Medical plans are written on a mandatory basis and all youth participants are covered. Coverage may also be purchased to cover adult participants and unpaid staff members.

Policy Coverage Features and Purchase Options

  • Coverage up to One Year from Date of Injury
  • No Rosters Required. Coverage is Mandatory
  • Custom Tailored Programs Available
  • Standard Accident Medical Benefit $25,000 – Higher Limits available
  • Comprehensive Benefit Package
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit $10,000 Schedule