Other Inbound International Programs

In addition to the Inbound International coverage offered to students and visiting scholars, SMIC has plans designed specifically for three unique target segments;

  • Cultural Exchange Programs
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Religious Organizations

Cultural Exchange Programs are designed to develop a mutual understanding between United States citizens and citizens of other countries. These programs provide participants with an opportunity to be in a new environment, establish unique interpersonal relationships and develop cross-cultural skills.

Non-profit Organizations are built on a foundation of individuals willing to dedicate their time, focus and resources to impacting a segment of people ranging from small community groups to national and global communities. The increased tendency for these groups to travel internationally enhances their candidacy for medical coverage through an inbound international program.

While Religious Organizations can benefit from the same features highlighted for Cultural Exchange Programs and Non-profit Organizations, church groups often involve participants spanning wide age brackets and their duration can span longer timeframes due to unique circumstances. For example, a group tasked with helping a foreign community recover after a national disaster could potentially be abroad for several weeks, or even months, longer than initially anticipated.

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