What is Accident Medical Coverage and why do I need it?

Accident Medical coverage helps pay the cost of treating an accidental injury occurring during a sponsored activity.  Medical expenses covered include doctor bills, ambulance, hospital and medication.  The coverage is normally issued as Full Excess coverage which means it pays in excess of any primary medical coverage the injured party has. Our Accident Medical policies may also include death and specific loss benefits which pay a lump sum for accidental loss of life, limb, sight or hearing.  This product is designed to help groups and organizations decrease their liability exposure by addressing the gaps in general liability policies.

What is General Liability Coverage and what does it cover?

General Liability coverage covers the cost of investigating claims and defending against third-party lawsuits.  It pays attorney fees, court costs, witness fees and settlements.  It may also cover an injured party’s immediate medical expenses and the cost of repairing or replacing their damaged property.  There are 2 types of coverage available:

  • Participant Liability coverage provides liability protection for the named insured not only from third party spectators, but also the participants of your event.  An Accident Medical policy is required in order to purchase Participant Liability coverage.
  • Spectator Liability coverage provides liability protection for the named insured from third party spectators and non-participants.
When do I need Liquor Liability Coverage?

There are 2 categories of liability exposure – Liquor Liability for those in the business of selling alcohol and Host Liquor Liability for those not in the alcohol business but who host a party or event where alcohol may be served or provided for free.  You will need Liquor Liability Coverage if you are selling alcohol or charging a fee to an event that serves alcohol.  Liquor Liability may be added to your policy for an additional fee.  Host Liquor Liability is automatically provided at no additional cost.


How do I make a payment?

Payments may be made payable to and mailed to Special Markets Insurance Consultants at:

     1055 Main Street
     Stevens Point, WI 54481

Or, contact Accounting at (715)303-6109 for information on credit card payments or sending an ACH/wire.

Is Gross Premium required?

Yes, we do require that gross premium be submitted.  We will mail your agency a check and statement for all commissions due by the 15th of the month following the receipt of premium.

What is my commission?

Commissions vary by program and are competitive with the industry.  You will find the commission for your specific account in the email you received with your proposal.  Agents/Brokers musty satisfy company and state licensing and appointment requirements in order to receive commission payments.

How do I get a copy of my commission check statement?

Statements are mailed with the checks.  Please email your request with the check number and issue date to for a copy.


How do I get a quote?

Under the Request for Quote tab on this website you have the option of downloading the Request for Quote Form or completing the on-line form.  You can also contact the underwriting department at 1-800-727-7642, option 4 to obtain the appropriate form.

This is the first quote that I am requesting from SMIC. Do I need to be registered or appointed in order to obtain a quote?

No, you do not need to be registered or appointed to receive a quote.  Registration paperwork will be sent to you when you request to bind coverage for your quote.

What is the average turnaround time to get a quote/policy/endorsement?

We strive to provide prompt and accurate service.  Please allow 3-5 business days for your request to be processed.

If I need to cancel a policy, what information is needed?

A request signed by the insured is required to cancel a policy.  A LPR (Lost Policy Release) form or request on the insured’s letterhead specifying the policyholder name and policy number and cancellation date should be used.  A “wet” signature is required.