Student Accident Program Description

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. While insurance can't prevent accidental injuries from happening, it can protect students by providing medical coverage for accidental injuries. This program provides coverage for all registered students of the school and can include coverage for pre-school, kindergarten, elementary, junior and/or senior high schools. Boarding school students may be covered on a 24-hour basis.

Student Accident Plan Highlights:

  • Available to both public and private K-12 schools, as well as charter schools, districts, consortiums, home schools, and athletic associations
  • Plans can be mandatory or voluntary
  • Covers students while participating in all school-sponsored and supervised activities on or off school premises, including participation in
    interscholastic athletics
  • Tackle football can be included for additional cost
  • Coverage provided during tryouts, preseason play, practice, regular and post-season play
  • Other available options include sports only coverage, coverage for intramurals, extracurricular activities, job training, field trips, and before and after school programs
  • Coverage is available in 50 states and includes state specific definitions, limitations and exclusions
  • Plan can be combined with Catastrophic Accident Medical coverage to offer higher limits for interscholastic athletics and extracurricular activities

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Note - information provided above is intended to be a brief description of coverage, inclusions, exclusions, and conditions. A complete sample policy is available upon request.